Your Feedback is important.

Experiencing something different can be exhilarating, fun, and maybe even change your perspective. Remember that feeling when you first bought your car home and the fun & excitement that went with it? We do. And we want to bring a little bit of that feeling back into the ongoing care of your car.

We’ve created a different kind of carwash; one with affordable prices, courteous & speedy service, and a new experience like no other. Cruiser’s Carwash is an experience we hope you like, and maybe even love.

The question we ask ourselves every day is if we’ve made our customer’s experience even more satisfying than we’ve envisioned. We can only turn to our customers to see if we have succeeded.

Your opinions are important to us.. we want your Cruiser’s experience to be FUN, FAST, and SATISFYING! So..? how was it?

Please take a moment and let us know how we did. Your feedback will never fall of deaf ears.