Purchase a washcard.

Cruiser’s Carwash offers customers the convenience of the Cruiser’s Discount WashCard System.

Using A Cruiser’s Discount WashCard is the easy way to pay for a carwash with out the hassle of coupons.

To use your Cruiser’s Discount WashCard at our state of the art Express Pay Station™, simply select your desired wash from the video presented options, insert the card at the reader when asked for payment, and you’re done!

Cruiser’s Discount WashCards can be purchased from one of our conveniently accessible vending machines located at the wash or online.

The Cruiser’s Discount WashCard® is available for purchase with cash or major credit card; there is no cost for the card itself, so you ONLY pay for the amount you load. Value can be added to the card at anytime either onsite at the Cruiser’s Vending Area or online from the Cruiser’s Carwash Virtual Storefront.

Remember, when you purchase a Cruiser’s Discount WashCard the more you buy, the more you save!

You will receive substantial discounts according to the amount you purchase or recharge when you add value to your Cruiser’s Discount WashCard.

Get more bang for your buck when you purchase our Cruiser’s Discount WashCard ONLINE! 

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